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MARCH 3rd >25th

Art Souterrain Festival 2018


 Art Souterrain presents as part of the 10th edition of its eponymous festival the contemporary art exhibition LABOR IMPROBUS. The words LABOR IMPROBUS appear in the Latin adage Labor improbus omnia vincit, which means “Steadfast toil overcomes all things.”

Work is a recurring problem in the history of Art which, even today, questions and inspires artists from all places. Through a wide and varied selection of Quebec, Canadian and international artists, this 10th edition aims to highlight a timeless subject that contemporary artists like to question, denounce, caricature and ... work !

During three weeks, various themes will be discussed for this 10th edition like modern slavery, prostitution, holidays , economic crisis, stoppage, migrant work and more...

These themes will be viewed by a lot of workers transiting by undergrands every day until their work places. Visitors are our principals actors this year.


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