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Art Souterrain Festival 2019



As our society and behaviours become digitized, access to information has never been easier to obtain, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern true from false.

The multiplication of digital media, democratization of journalism, development of new media digital tools for modifying reality... The hegemony of the Internet pushes us to endlessly question things which at first glance appear to be real or true. Social networks encourage their users to forge individual mythologies, to cultivate images of themselves that are as close as possible to perfection, thereby provoking envy and jealousy.

At a time when we are afforded the opportunity to discern what is real and what is fake, the lines between fiction and reality are blurred. Rather than oppose the trend, artists actively engage in this game with reality. Is art not, essentially, an illusion of the real? It is represented differently by each and every one of us, through denying or questioning it. Do artists have to tell the "truth"?

"Truth" is both universal and subjective. It comes from what is natural, what we all recognize as authentic, and what we personally feel and perceive.

“False” refers to anything that transgresses what is real. This transgression can occur in various ways, including for artistic reasons, by moving art away from faithful representations of reality; through policies, via the use of propaganda; via humour, by trumping what’s real to surprise the viewer; through revelations, by lying to reveal the truth; or even for commercial reasons, involving manipulating others for financial gain.


© Text credit : Claire Denèle for Art Souterrain Festival 2019

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