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Pascale Beaudet, Emeline Rosendo, and Frédéric Louryprincipal curator and director of Art Souterrain. 


"Programming for Labor Improbus is concerned with work's role in society, its relationship with the individual, its conditions and surroundings, as well as with non-productivity. The two guest curators have been invited for a number of reasons, including their familiarity with the exhibition territory and their skills at staging an exhibition in an atypical setting, meeting the requirements of the theme, adapting to a network of international artists according to the specifics of the topic and understanding our approaches to cultural mediation. A most challenging undertaking, for the aim was not to adopt an exclusively documentary or negatively critical approach toward the issues surrounding work, but rather to explore new avenues by redefining our behaviours within a universal approach."

- Frédéric Loury



"I believe the artist's role is to unveil the world: to describe its systems and processes, to shed light on its underbelly, to create what German artist Joseph Beuys called a counterspace. In order to go through the looking glass, even if it is sometimes dirty and its silvering is damaged. The artist's gaze must see beyond subterfuge, in a quest for the truth. The result will be art that disturbs and that captures the reality of the moment and of the times."

- Pascale Beaudet


“Being curator of photography for the 2018 edition of the Art Souterrain festival affords me a wonderful opportunity to create a dialogue on the complex and controversial theme that is work.I have been interested in this topic for several years now, whether in the course of my research or on a more personal level. Introducing my point of view while also examining with the artists the critical dimension of their works is an excellent way to explore this fundamental activity that is at the core of our societies.”

- Emeline Rodenso


© Picture by Mike Patten.


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