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Patrick Bérubé et Chloé Grondeau

Patrick Bérubé is a Canadian artist whose work has attracted attention nationally and internationally through his participation in numerous exhibitions and major events, notably at Causey Contemporary and as part of the Francis J. Greenburger Collection in New York City, at the Casino Luxembourg (Luxembourg) and at Villa Merkel in Germany. Since 2010, he has produced five works of architectural integration (1%).

Chloé Grondeau, independent curator and accomplished contributor to specialized publications and artist catalogues, is also artistic director of Montreal centre Diagonale, a correspondent for *DUUU, a Parisian webradio dedicated to contemporary art, and a sitting member of the board of directors of Triangle Canada.

" When Frédéric Loury invited us to participate in this 2017 edition, we were instantly drawn to the notion of play as a reflection of current sociopolitical issues. Indeed, based on our research, we found it fascinating to discover that it is possible to understand a society through its relationship with play, and that so many artists found in this subject matter a means for scrutinizing the system of which they are a part. The public space—that meeting ground of the individual and society—thus seemed to us the perfect setting in which to present a collection of works that examine Man and his interactions with his environment. Our curatorial proposal therefore envisions an overview of contemporary practice through the prism of play approached as a critical tool. "

Patrick Bérubé and Chloé Grondeau are exhibition curators for the works of artists Kaya Behkalam, Josh Bricker, Julie Chaffort, Grier Edmundson, Paul Harrison, Stéphane Gilot, Chloé Lefebvre, Benjamin Nuel, Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf, Georgette Power, Pilvi Takala, An Te Liu, Yann Vanderme and John Wood.



Marie-Charlotte Carrier

Marie-Charlotte Carrier is a rising curator with a Master's in Art History from the University of Toronto. In recent years, she has worked at Christie's, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and Montreal's Arsenal Contemporary Art.

" My project for Art Souterrain 2017 presents the work of artists who interpret the theme of play through the prism of cinematography and dramatization. By referencing the construction of fictions, the works propose a theatralization of potential worlds. Pushing the boundaries of reality, their cinematic qualities, saturated hues and conceptual complexity are the essence of ambiguity itself. The images hold up a funhouse mirror to society, with which the artists reveal a variety of social games.

Whether through their orchestration of masquerades or elaboration of scenery, these dramatizations encourage spectators to question the social theatres of which they are a part and in which they thus play a role. Far from offering up a nihilistic vision of these scenarios, the exhibition seeks to acknowledge their existence. Amid the daily barrage of flamboyant images, these straightforward photographs take on a strangely reassuring quality. "

Marie-Charlotte Carrier is curator for the photographic works of artists Justin Bettman, Omar Victor Diop, Chou Ching Hui, Shen Chao Liang, Joe Johnson, Klaus Pichler and Alice Wielinga.


Frédéric Loury, CEO and curator

Contemporary art is per­ceived by many as an elitist discipline, though it is very much of our time. By presen­ting societal themes, we aim to show that the visual arts are in fact a space for expression and reflection that is acces­sible to all. Our 9th edition is titled Jeu et Diversion (Play & Distraction) and offers a criti­cal look at the mechanisms of entertainment, leisure, sports and gambling. We accom­pany the public in numerous ways: Each weekend you will have an opportunity to meet seasoned ambasadors who can shed light on the works on display; a free audioguide provides commentary; and guided tours round out the in­terpretative offerings



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