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Philippe Vaz Coatelant

Philippe Vaz Coatelant is a French pluridisciplinary artist. Born in the Sixties, he was brought up in an artistic and scientific environment. He first turned his talents to the field of advertising, before fully focusing on his passion for art. A sculptor, ceramicist, graphic designer, engraver, photographer and videomaker, he has participated in numerous artistic manifestations over the past two decades.

“There’s not much work around, so best leave it to those who enjoy it.” - COLUCHE, French comedian and actor, Sois fainéant (“Be a slacker”)



With Lazy Cloud, Philippe Vaz Coatelant examines the concepts of work and laziness. He invites rushed spectators to look up and contemplate the hammocks hanging form the ceiling. Like clouds of laziness, they beckon spectators, but soon reveal themselves to be out of reach despite the ropes and ladders that show the way to their inviting repose. Are the hammocks perhaps reserved for the elite? Are only a privileged few entitled to wallow in the indolence they procure, watching the rest of us work? One thing is certain: If we want to enjoy such an idle life, we need to look up and grab hold of the ladders that lead us to this world of rest, a final effort on the path to laziness.





© Picture by Mike Patten


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