Art Souterrain


Steve Bates


In partnership with Fonderie Darling 

Curator : Caroline Andrieux


Steve Bates is an artist and musician living in Montréal. His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions and performances in Canada, such as  Black Seas of Infinity (Sporobole, 2017) ; Long Night Takes (OBORO, 2014) and The Work Ahead of Us (The Québec Triennal, 2011). Bates also presented his work in the United States, in Senegal and in Europe. He is the founder of his own small scale publishing and curatorial project, The Dim Coast, a virtual space dedicated to experiments with sound and actions.


The work of Steve Bates listens to boundaries and borders, points of contact and conflict: thresholds are explored, stretched and, at times, completely broken. The sonic is the starting point for proposing an alternative perception of the world based on an evocation of communication networks and systems, spatial and temporal experiences. Through his sound, video and installation works, Bates frequently uses sound material that is site-specific in an attempt to uncover place and how the sonic affects our experience of site. He is currently developing a multi-year project, entitled Black Seas of Infinity, investigating historical and contemporary aspects of auditory hallucination.

Run out and on to Infinity (2018) is part of the Black Seas of Infinity project. The installation is composed of a monumental wallpaper, a turntable and lights. These elements altogether produce a mute concert showing how the pressure of a heavy silence can generate visual hallucinations.




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