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The artists from 2019 edition are choosen by three invited curators: Maude Arsenault, Martin Le Chevallier and Joyce Yahouda, and by Frédéric Louryprincipal curator and director of Art Souterrain. 


Maude Arsenault

Maude Arsenault is a photographer, artist and curator. She began a first career in fashion before deciding in 2013 to pursue a more personal path and founding the art collective

As an artist, Maude is interested in the concept of identity and in the place of women in our society, which has been noticeably shaken in recent years in the face of a whole new representation of gender, the public denunciation of abusive relationships between men and women, and digital social communities that continually present new ideals, often created from scratch.

Maude’s approach interrogates the viewer’s perception and reveals how it is inevitably shaped and altered by our social, political and moral values.

Maude Arsenault lives in Montréal and has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Art History.


Martin Le Chevallier

Martin Le Chevallier is an artist, filmmaker and occasional curator of exhibitions. Born in 1968, he lives and works in France. Since the late 1990’s, he has developed a body of work around films, immersive pieces and contextual initiatives. His intentionally political works portray our era with distance and humour. They have been regularly presented at collective and individual exhibitions, in France and abroad. He is particularly interested in bringing art into public spaces.


Joyce Yahouda

As director/curator of Joyce Yahouda Gallery, and for over three decades, Joyce Yahouda has promoted emerging and established contemporary artists, endorsing various mediums. She has organized several exhibitions in London, Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Ischia, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Miami, the Gaspé and Montreal.

She advocates for a style of art that is demanding, one that challenges the viewer into a modality of reflection. Through various events including conferences and round tables, Joyce Yahouda incites dialogue amongst artists, curators, collectors, art critics and art lovers.

Joyce Yahouda was nominated for the “Gallery Owner of the Year” award at the Visual Arts Gala, organized by the Contemporary Art Galleries Association (AGAC), and was awarded the prize in 2012.


Frédéric Loury

Access to information has never been easier.Sources and tools have multiplied since de last decade.However, the density of editorial content is rarified as time goes on and the presence of journalism has become limited in it’s expressive capabilities. citizens are becoming actors and occupying more place in unconventional medias. Specialized information chains prioritize audience ratings over fastidious reports and researches. The appealing content and summaries of those new platforms are pushing us to question the veracity of their sources. It has become complex to distinguish the true from the false.

Three invited commissaries, Maude Arsenault, Martin Le Chevalier, Joyce Yahouda are bringing to light the workings of disinformation, the facets of imposture, the complex existence of beliefs inside our hyper-mediated society.



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